Beginning 2014, A desire to give my epidermic pieces more space and  more strength and light ocurr to me. I develop a collection that I call «AMPLITUDE». My desire is to create epidermic pieces – SPATIAL – that take possession of space in order to give strength to skin texture. The almost living texture seems to me to be given freely and generously to the light. You see a mouth, a piece of wrist or arm; We see a leg, a navel and breast tips; And I look at an immensity of regular, structured little pores that drag us into the infinity of our existence in the very small that is immensely unlimited, everything is there, everything is said and also its opposite. These pieces of skin or body become doors to our infinity and allow us a new form of communication by the gift of a hand line to a loved one. Our infinitude that we are allowed to share.

Production time : 4 weeks max.