When jewelry and intimacy become one
Custom made jewelry



Martine Hermans Frisvold, Belgian jewelry designer with sensitivity to skin, offers pieces as timeless and personal as unperceivable. « … a jewel is not an ordinary, immortal object, it is transmitted from generation to generation and from hand to hand, with at each transition, this supplement of soul which increases its value as much …  » Its creation consists of: Epidermal jewelry, based on skin imprint or the ability to immortalize what is in perpetual motion, to melt into silver or gold a part of a body in constant mutation. Vegetable Jewelery, on the basis of nature’s imprint this time, leaves and tree seeds gathered and soaked in gold or silver, seeds of maple trees hanging from a fine chain, rings Delicate decorated with a tree seed and illuminated with a tourmaline or a diamond: a nod to art nouveau with nature and life hanging from his neck.
Artist accomplished, Martine Hermans Frisvold has traveled extensively and has learned the art of goldsmithing all over the world. She completed her training at the Arts et Metiers in Brussels. Her inspiration, she found it in 1995 when pregnant she rediscovered her navel stretched by the pregnancy: « It is at this time that I began to make my first fingerprints, … I found the form of this Belly absolutely fascinating. Besides each skin grain is unique and personal. Martine Hermans Frisvold takes a closer look at the epidermis, searches her furrows explores the scars left by the time and begins Skin & Soul Jewelry in 2008. In 2010, she installs her Gallery – Workshop near the place du Châtelain at Brussels. Her approach is unique and original, she assumes that there is no better way to communicate with body and nature than with the help of the sensible, and that the association of self and its environment Precious metal can illuminate a period of existence, and even promote the healing process of the soul. In her studio open to the eyes of passers-by, she handmade her creations to measure, at an affordable price, working both psychologically and creatively. She is often surrounded by trainee apprentices whom she forms for a time before they leave to fly on their own wings. Welcome to all of you to come discover this particular universe made of poetry and humanity.